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Camp Gilead


At Camp Gilead, we believe that every child should be able to attend camp each summer and that every child deserves the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus Christ. It is our goal never to turn away a child because of finances. That's why we have the Scholarship Fund.

For many campers in the Polk County and the surrounding areas of Central Florida, summer camp is only a dream; their parents cannot afford to send their kids to camp. Many of the campers come from single-parent homes, and many others are simply the victims of a poor economy. The majority of these kids do not attend church and have never heard that there is a God who love them unconditionally. 

Your support is essential to the Scholarship Fund. There are several opportunities to help send kids to summer camp each year. We ask you to consider which of these options would best fit you and your family as you partner with us in our mission of "Changing Lives...One Heart at a Time." 

     1- The first option is to give to the Scholarship Fund on a monthly or annual basis. These gifts will be used for the sole purpose of providing scholarships to campers who want to come to camp.

     2- The second option is give a special gift to the Scholarship Fund. All gifts are appreciated and will help campers afford the opportunity to come to camp.

     3- The third option is to sponsor a child. The cost for a week of camp ranges from $115 to $300, and many people have sponsored one or more campers every summer.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please don’t hesitate!  Click here to download the application, which may be faxed to us at 863-984-2067, or mailed to us.

So as you see, there are many opportunities for you to get involved in the lives of a camper. If you would like to give to the Scholarship Fund, please click the "Sponsor a Camper" button below!

Sponsor a Camper